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Generation 1

James Brown Norris and Eleanora Knype (Knipe) were married in England.  He was the son of James Norris (Possibly Jeremiah-see below) and Hannah Brown(e).  Eleanora was the daughter of Lord Edward Knype and Ann Dane or Elizabeth Hand.  They had a total of 17 children of which, 12 were born in England, 1 on Prince Edward Island (Canada), and 4 in Harrison Co. Oh..  Three infant sons and William died in England.  They left England with a land Grant in Nova Scotia from the King, about 1809.  There are several early land grants to the Norris family listed in public archives (personal visit by Lester Irons).  In 1784,there was a grant of 34,950 acres from King George III to Patrick Norris and 98 others.  In 1815 there was a grant of 500 acres to James Norris and about the same time a smaller grant to James Norris Jr..  The weather was too cold and after a short stay in Md. the family settled in Harrison Co. Ohio, around 1814-1815.  They founded Norrisvlle, name later changed toTippecanoe, Oh.. The Norris men were carpenters.  James Brown Norris was a Mill Operator and builder.  Source: family bible, History of Tippecanoe Oh.   There is an 1812 Tax Listing for James Norris in Ohio, but no 1820 Census listing.  Land patent issued 8-10-1827. Harrison Co.Oh.,E 1/2N.W. 22.12.7.  Family tradition says that  the  mother (Eleanora) and three sons came to Ohio.  There are 2 James Norris listed in 1810 Md census.  Susposedley the first Norris was a member of the Court of Charles the II of England.  1800 Md Census list a James Norris Sr. and Jr.(pg 217).  Elleanora was age 81 in 1850 Census and living with John G. Norris.  Ellenor Norris is listed as head of household in 1830 and 1840 Oh,   Harrison  co. census: 1830 age 60-70, 1840 age 70-80.  This indicted that James B. Norris died before 1830.


Information found in 2003 (not verified) Norris information:  Gedcom from  another unknow source, on-line.  Indicates parents of James B Norris were Jeremiah Norris and Hannah Browne.  The parents of Eleanor Knype were Edward Knype and Elizabeth Hand.  Jeremiah Norris was the son of Jeremiah Norris and Sarah Millard.
See Norris/Knype gedcom for further details and family back to ancient England.

Generation 2

Alexander Norris

Alexander Norris and Christiana Spiker were married on 10-14-1838 in Harrison Co. Oh. by Jacob Lemmon.  They are present only on the 1840 Harrison Co. Oh. census.  Listed as 00001-11001: a male 20 to 30: female 0-5: female 5-10; and a female 20-30.  On the 1850 census no record has been found but the daughter Ellen Norris age 9 is living with Christiana's father Phillip Spiker.  1860 Harrison Co. Oh. Census: Christiana Norris age 44, with the following children, William age 17, A.S. age 13 (male) and Hannah M  age 5.  Christiana Spiker was b. 1815, in Harrison Co.Oh., died 1/26/1891 in Bethany, Moultrie, Illinois.  ALexander Norris died 1856 in Harrison Co. Ohio, buried Mayes Cemetery.

Children: Source: Courtsey of John Spears ( for more details on the families of William Landon Norris and Hannah May Norris Bentz you can contact John as jspears@cox.net) and notes hand written into family Bible by Susan Mae McBride Irons.

  • Rebeca Norris,1839-1920 married Thornton Irons (7 children) Go to Irons family
  • Eleanor (Ellen) Norris, 1841-(?),married Samuel H McFadden (6 children: Belle, Maud, ?.?.?.?.)-settled in California
  • William Landon Norris, 1841-1897, married Mary Alma (Molly) West (4 children: Nora Younger, Della Rhodes, Arthur, Ott), Moultrie Co. Il.
  • Harriet Norris, 1845-1878, married Lafayette Glazebrook
  • Alex S Norris, 1847-1872, married Susan E Sharp (1 known child- William Norris)
  • Hannah Mary Norris, 1854-1939,  married John Bentz (8 children: Ida Rhodes, Pearl  Pesch, Hattie McLaughlin, Emma, and Lawrence,?,?,?)
  • Sarah Ann Norris
  • Winfred Scott Norris
Comparison Picture of Rebecca Norris Irons and brother William Landon Norris

The family tradition states that Rebecca's brothers and sisters went to Illinois (Bethany, Moultrie County, Il.)

Picture of Mill supposedley built by Norris family ca. 1828, Tippecanoe Oh. Harrison Co., from 125th Aniversary Booklet, 1965

Home built by Norris family ca. 1830, Tippeacanoe, Oh. Harrison Co..

Picture Christianna Spiker Norris' gravestone: (Courtsey of John Spears)  Marrowbone Township Cemetery, Bethany  Il.

Sources: See Spiker and Markee

Generation 3

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