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There exists a Paddock Gedcom which follows this family back to Ancient England.  The family is only verified by author to Ebenezer Paddock Sr.

Generation 1

Paul Paddoc
Paul Paddoc of Le Cateau, Nord, and of Bapaume, Pas de Calais, France was Lord of the Manors of Le Cateau and Montherme.  He was emancipated at the age of 25 years by his father, Oct. 4, 1532.  He purchased the manor of Montherme in 1552.  In 1554 and 1555 he was administrator for his father's estate, but "did not pay the bequests to his brothers and sisters, which led to litigations."  His mother "assumed the distribution in consideration of maintenance for her life" Montherme 2 Oct. 1555.
Francoise Traillour Paddoc had a brother "Noel Traillour" who married in 1562 Jeanne De Gasque of Nouzon.  They had a son named Jean Traillour who emigrated to London and married in the Walloon Church.  According to the History of the Walloon and Huguenot Church of Canterbury, French Protestants fled to a home of exile where they could worship in freedom and avoid torment, torture and death.  The Walloons, as in this record, inhabited southern Belgium and adjoining Flemish regions in France and spoke a French dialect.  (From the Paddock Genealogy, written by Robert Curfman).

Generation 2

John Paddock

John Paddock (Jean Paddoc) fled to England from France "for religious as well as political reasons" in 1580.  He then emigrated to Ireland and settled in Stevenstown Co. Dublin in 1580.  He also owned land at Tullygovan, County Louth.  On Oct.3, 1589 John and his family were mentioned in the will of his father Paul Paddoc, Siegneur de Le Cateau et de Montherme.  He was a blacksmith in Tullygovan.  He died intestate in Tullygovan, near Killany, County Louth on April 3,  1603.  His wife Jane Jennings (also known as Jeannette Jennin and last name also spelled Jenning) came to Ireland with her uncle Jean Jennin in 1570 from France. (From the Paddock Genealogy, written by Robert Curfman).

Generation 3

Robert Paddock

World Family Finder Vol. #1#1045, Also in note from LDS detailed family hx not entered yet, had not verified.  LDs lists Robert Paddock's spouses as (1) Mary Trine, (2) Mary Ball, (parents Zachary Ball, wife Margaret)  LDS paper file has AFN(ancestral file Number)  LDS file lists same children plus a George b. 1650, approx same dates. WF Vol.#3 Ped. 4525, Eb. Paddock: Lists the children of Robert and Mary Holmes.

WF Vol. #4 pedigree #0187 under Marry Holmes is source of ancestors of Robbert. Info on Mary Holmes family #3532 pedigree, WF 5.[Broderbund WFT Vol. 5, Ed. 1, Tree #3532, Date of Import: Oct 11, 1997]  These following notes and pedigrees for Robert Paddock back come from WFT #5, pedigree # 3532 under Paddock

Robert Paddock was born 1583-4, as claimed according to American records.  (He has also been given as born in Stephenstown, Balrothery Parish, County Dublin, Ireland, 16 Sept. 1584, younger son of John Paddock, Blacksmith of Stephenstown and later of Tullygovan near Killany, Barony of Ardee, County Louth, Ireland, by his wife Jane Jennings. Robert died intestate at Plymouth 25, July 1650, entered  in the Plymouth Colony Records.  Though he made no will, his widow Mary confirmed in Nov. 1650 that on his death bed Robert had granted the guardianship of his son John to Captain Thomas Willett, who was later Mayor of New York. ("Whereas Robert Padduck of Plym: lately deceased did on his death bed give and dispose his sonne John Padduck aged about five years unto Captaine Tho: Willet to bee att his deposing and under his guidance as his own child : These presents doe therefore wittiness that Mary Padduck the wife of said Robert Padduck doth condescend unto and allow of the said acute of her Said husband in the disposing of her Said sonne John to Captain Willet as aforesaid " In Witness of the promises she the Said Mary hath hereunto sett her hand and given way to have this present said writing entered upon publick Record."  Mary Paddock then signed this by making her mark an M).

Robert inherited the blacksmith shop of his father in Killany in the will of his mother made at Killany 15 May 1607.  The name of the ship and the year of his emigration remain unknown.  He may well have been in Plymouth by 1632, there having been two of his children entered in the Plymouth Colony Records born before 1636.  In Plymouth Colony Robert was a blacksmith and at one time a constable.  (Plymouth Colony, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, New England).  Robert Paddock was the Patriarch of the Paddock family in America.  (From the Paddock Genealogy, written by Robert Curfman)
World Family Finder Vol.#1 #1045, also LDS notes , not entered not verified.

Generation 4

Zachariah Paddock

WF Vol. #3. Ped. #4525 Eb. Paddock obtained list of children of Zachariah and Deborah.
All were born in Yarmouth, Ma.

Marriages and deaths:
[Broderbund WFT Vol. 5, Ed. 1, Tree #3532, Date of Import: Oct 11, 1997]

Zachariah Paddock resided, East Precinct, Yarmouth, now Dennis, Cape Cod, Barnstable County, Massachusetts on land given to his wife by her father at the time of her marriage.  In 1666 he built a house at Yarmouth, the oldest extant house built by a Paddock, now much renovated and moved to near Bass River, South Yarmouth.  "Zachary Paddock" and his wife were mentioned in the will of her father 10 March 1667.  He served on a coroner's jury to investigate the death of a child of Nicholas Nickerson 24 Oct. 1667.   He was granted 50 acres at Seaconnet, part of Tatamanuck's land 7 July 1680 and later, same year, on the grand jury. He was Deputy (Representative), General Court at Plymouth 8 July 1706, 1707-8.  On the seating committee of the new meeting house 1717 "an important office in early pilgrim times" ---  Quakers were exempt from charge and those desiring pews had to build them at their own expense. His widow was admitted to the Second Church from the First Church, Yarmouth 6 Aug. 1727.   Of the sons:  Ichabod, Joseph and Nathaniel removed to Nantucket Island, where the name often appeared PADDACK -- Ichabod, however, did not remain there --  and Zachariah, John, Robert and Judah established themselves in Yarmouth.  His sons Joseph and Nathaniel and their early descendants, many of whom were mariners and whaling ship captains, married into several of the old historic families of Nantucket  ---   Macy, Hussey, Folger, Coffin, Starbuck, Gorham, Swain, Worth, Gardner, Bunker, Pinkham, Chadwick, Coleman and others.  A Macy led the first band of settlers on Nantucket Island 1659 and a descendant of the Nantucket Macys established the famous department store in New York City.   A Hussey took the first sperm whale 1712 which sparked a change in the whaling industry.  From the Folgers derived the mother of Benjamin Franklin and the donor of the Shakespeare museum and library in Washington, D.C.  These early whaling families left mansions at Nantucket that are now landmarks, but the "Oldest House" there, built 1686, is the Coffin-Paddack House on Sunset Hill, also called the Jethro Coffin House and the Horseshoe House because of the large horseshoe-shaped design on its chimney.  The Paddack-Paddock Burying Ground or Ancient Paddock Cemetery, almost at the foot of Scargo Hill, has been described:  "Within the neat iron-rail and granite-post fence stand the gravestones --  along one end marshalled erect, white and briefly worded, along the opposite end and through the middle of the enclosure dark, moss-grown illegible at times, tipping, split or crumbled into powdery dust".  The earliest markers show the conventional decorations --  winged death's head, weeping willow and so on.  Many of the early ones give the name PADDACK.  Probably the last Paddock to own the cemetery was Hannah H. Paddock of Boston, Mass.  Elizabeth Twitchell described her visit there in 1897:  "About a mile and a half beyond the town ...  in a field ...  a graveyard wholly devoted to one family ... not more than 40 graves in all.  The old ones were so mossy and sunken that it was as much as we could do to read them ...  It was quite impressive to be in such a remote and lovely spot and think back all those years.  In the distance, interesting old farm houses with green doors and sometimes old knockers on them, way beyond that the sea and the boats, nearby a tangle of flowers and a great deal of swampy land ... and ...  wild roses still in bloom over the stone walls".

Zachariah's son Capt. Judah Paddock married Alice Alden whose Grandfather John Alden came to this country on the Mayflower in 1620.  (From the Paddock Genealogy, written by Robert Curfman).

Generation 5

Judah Paddock

World Family Finder Vol. #1 #1045 and LDS notes detailed family Hx , not entered not verified.
WF Vol.#3 Ped. #4525 Eb. Paddock listed these children, which I did not have, the tree traces one of these children and our branch ends with a listing of Ebenezer Paddock son of Reuben.  #4525 is Paddock, Smith, Eddy of NY, Ma, History 156-1995 submitted to WF on 6-3-1995.

Children and deaths:

Generation 6

Reuben Paddock

Generation 7
Ebenezer Paddock Sr.

Ebenezer Paddock Sr. was born in 1740 in Maryland and died in 1830.  He is supposedly buried in New Harmony Cemetery, Vigo Co. IN.  He served as a soldier during the revolutionary war from Fort Pitt.  He served 142 days under Capt. David Rogers.  He listed his residence during the war as Augusta Va. 
List of settlers in Fayette and contiguous parts of Greene, Washington and Westmoreland Co. Pa. from rolls of Bedford Co. Pa. for 1773: Tyrone Twp. of Fayette Co. Jonathan Paddox and Ebenezer Paddox(freeman) also listed in Springhill Twp.(all of Greene and Washington Co. were a Nathaniel Case and William Case.
He married Keziah Case about 1774 in Washeo Pa.  In 1790 bought land in Nelson Co. Ky..  Then with family moved to Butler Co. Oh..   Even though he was in his 70's the family persuaded him to move to Vigo Co. In.   A land entry was recorded in 9-12-1816, in Sec. 4 and Sec. 9, Twp 10, R. 10..  They apparently moved in 1818.  A copy of DAR papers is in file for Ebenezer.  Jessie Irons used him as her entry to DAR, her papers are also in the files.
A short history of family exists in file from Revolutionary Soldiers of Vigo Co.

Children and spouses:
Other lines and info. on WF Vol. #2 Pedigrees: 4810,1153,2755

LDS file does not have Mary listed as child, all others are there, some slightly different b. dates, also indicated that Ebenezer II was a twin, to whom not said , no other child has same birth date, possible twin died.

Generation 8

John Paddock

John Paddock was born probably in Nelson Co. Ky, although in 1850 census he lists his birth place as Ohio. He married in 1822 in Vigo Co. In..  Died on 9-2-1853(stone states:Sept. 26,1851), aged 49 yr, 3 m, 16 days.  He and his wife Leathy Ferguson, daughter of Athol Ferguson and Rebecca P Paine,  who died 4-3-1833, age 26 are buried in New Harmony Cem. Vigo Co. In. There are pictures of their stones in file.  John married second Mary Thompson who was 44 yrs old during 1850 census.

John and Leathy's family and their spouses:

Generation 9

Athel Paddock

Athel Paddock was born on 2-22-1831 in Vigo Co. In.  He married twice.  Initially to Mary Jane Kercheval on 12-12-1852 and second to a Permina Collins.  He died on 3-22-1891 in Vigo Co. and is buried on the east side of West Lawn Cem. in Prairie Creek.  Mary Jane Kercheval was born on 8-10-1835 in Vigo Co.. She died on 1-1-1865.  The 1880 Census lists Athel with wife of Permina and several children with the last name of Collins and listed as his Step-children.  He probably married her between 1866 and 1868. Arrived at this by looking and ages of his youngest and her youngest child.  Also interesting is that only Moses of his children is living with him.  Two children John (age 22) and Harriet (age 21) are living with their fathers' sister Harriet Kercheval?

Children and Spouses:

Generation 10

Flora Belle Paddock

Flora Belle (Paddock) Clark 1910 (age, about 50)

Flora Belle (Paddock) Clark (age about 60)

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Documents, Photos, etc.:

Ebenezer Paddock Sr. DAR application: