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Generation 1

Aldest Plew was born 1766 in N.Y.(ky-Martha 1880 census), and died Aft. August 30, 1852 in Sullivan Co. In. He married (1) Dursha Varon, March 28, 1799 in Mercer Co. Ky.  She was born in ky (Martha 1880 census).  He married (2) Elizabeth Combs in  Vigo Co. In.on 3/3/1835.  Listed as Aldest Plugh.  Aldest is buried in Little Flock Cemetery in Sullivan Co. In..  Mercer County, Ky. has several Plough, Plew families.  Will for Abraham Plough 1807.  Aldert 1806 tax list, removed to Franklin Co.Ky..  1800 tax list has Abraham, Aldert Sr., Aldert Jr., and a Daniel.  1795 Ky. census (Woodford Co.) lists Aldert, Aldert Jr., Daniel, and Elias.  Anderson Co. Death Records: Plough, Daniel, age 93, d. 8/81853, parents Abraham and Sarah (born in 1760).  Anderson Co. was formed from Mercer Co. Ky.  Also, Aldert Plough and Fanny Plough on 5/10/1820 joined Little Flock Baptist Church, Sullivan Co. In..  Also a Sally Plough on 7/11/1829.  Would suggest that if Daniel Plough who died in 1853 above was a brother of Aldert, then parents could be Abraham and a Sarah (?).  Interesting to note that a Daniel Plough (r8285) and a Jacob Plough (s36738)  have been accepted in to DAR form N.J.  DAR  records 2010: Plew, Aldert: NJ. pvt. b. 8-?-1762  NJ, d. 8-30-1852 Sullivan Co. In.  Capt Westbrook, Col. Rosokranz.


                  i.    Martha, b. May 1826, Ky.

                  ii.    Abraham, b. 1805.

                 iii.    James.

                 iv.    David, b. 1807.

                  v.    George

Aldert Plough  DAR application

Aldert Plough Grave stone  (courtesy of B. Plew)

Aldert Plough Plaque Sullivan Co. In. courthouse. (courtesy of B. Plew)

Aldert Plough Pension Affidavit (1852)

See Aldirt Plew Family below

Generation 2

Martha Plough  was born May 1826 in Ky.  She married Henry Robertson Bef. 1853 in Sullivan Co. In, son of James Robertson and Diana Sortor(e)).  He was born December 16, 1826 in Ky, and died May 06, 1893 in Sullivan Co. In.   The only tie for Martha's parents is that on 1850 Sullivan County, Jackson  Twp. is that Martha age 28 is listed as living with Aldest Plew, age 84, male, N.Y., wife Elizabeth Plew age 60, female, born Ky..  If Aldest married Elizabeth in 1835, she can not be Marha's mother.  If Elizabeth was her mother, Martha should have a listed a different last name, simply listed as Martha.  I have not looked up Sullivan Co. Census 1840 page 29 to see if Aldert has a daughter proper age for Martha.  1830 Indiana census  Sullivan Co.  has a female proper age for Martha.

Martha Plough was born in Ky. probably Anderson Co. was still living in 1900 census: age 74 born in Ky with parents Ky and Ky., born may 1828.  They had 15 children with 5 still alive. Her exact date of death has not been determined, although she is buried (family tradition) in Hickory-no stone. Martha J Robertson purchased from Sarah Jane (widow) Plew etc. al. on 4-26-1894: Sec 15-7-8 Bl 67 pg 384.  Transaction lists the following married couples Martha S. and D.R. Cowden,  John J and Annie Robertson, William H and Elizabeth Robertson, and Stauton and Lucinda Robertson.   Henry apparently owned other pieces of property S15T9R8, S14T9R8, S21T7R8, S15T7R8.


                   i.    Martha S, b. 1855, In; d. 1945, Sullivan Co. In.

                  ii.    Sarah Jane, b. 1853.

                 iii.    Jane, b. 1858.

                 iv.    Nancy L, b. March 09, 1859.

                  v.    John J, b. July 1857.

                 vi.    Mary E, b. July 07, 1854.

                vii.    George, b. April 15, 1861.

               viii.    William H, b. August 16, 1866.

                  ix.    Stanton, b. February 1873.

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Aldirt Plough family courtesy of B. Plew
Generation 1

Aldirt Plough Sr., b. 1734 Kingston N.Y., Ulster Co., date of death unknown, probably before 1815 in Ky., m. Cornelia Sluiter.

Generation 2

Aldirt Plough Jr.m, Francis Ann Crawson 1/16/1792, Woodford Co. Ky.
George Plew, b. 8/11/1796 Ky., d 4/24/1883, m. Sarah Raines
David Plough, b. 1805, d. 4/1/1882, m. (1) Nacy Robards, (2) Dianna Kinsey
Elizabeth Plough, b. 11/12/1804 Ky., d. 3/28/1882, m. James Case Sr.
William Plough, m Debby Bowles
Abraham Plough, d. 1875, m Polly Carrithers